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Can any child become Einstein? A “wonderkid”? – Parents Talk

Can any child become Einstein and have you ever heard of a “wonderkid”?  Yes, that’s right! We have all probably heard about a young person whose excellence in his or her discipline resembles someone older and more experienced. So, what happens when a new baby shows up in the family? Aren’t we all so excited, with tons of thoughts and questions about our kid’s feature? Is it going to be a future Einstein?

These thoughts may show up on any occasion, even while having a regular Wednesday dinner. Suddenly, you start thinking, “Who will he be when he grows up?” And right after that, “Maybe a doctor, lawyer, CEO….?” Once we finally see the perfect, bright future for our baby, we happily go back to having dinner, content with our plan for our child’s success.

We have a lot of plans for our kids—every sign of their creativity stokes up our enthusiasm. We often say, “He is talented like me.” Or “I was exactly the same.” So, then the question arises: “Can any child be an Einstein?”

Kids are full of creativity and natural curiosity. What parents have is the ability to provide endless possibilities and the responsibility to not limit their kids. Kids have a wonderful potential to go beyond expectations. They can do things we have not even dreamt about. The best what we can do is to let them be themselves, observe them, and provide them with possibilities.

There is, however, one important condition that we must also meet. Parents need to maintain good relationships with their kids.  It is especially important to have time for our kids, hug them, talk with them, do simple things together. It is a way more significant than our worries if our daughter or son will complete another faculty or not.

Parents often say that their kids do not want to go to school or learn a new skill. The best that we can do in this situation is to simply accept the fact that kids change their opinions very often. One child may like to play the piano, and then lose interest. Another kid wants to be a ballerina and wants to dance, but later finds it boring. We, as parents, should let them do all these things, even if it means changing one activity for another.

Does it mean that if our kid attends painting classes, he or she must attend them forever? Of course not! We can encourage our children to explore new skills without making it seem like a chore.” If we see that our child does not like something—that something does not bring desired happiness—do not force them.

There is nothing worse than fulfilling the parent’s dreams as children. It is extremely easy to cross the border between encouraging our kids, showing them possibilities and forcing them to fulfill our own dreams – dreams we often could not fulfill ourselves.

One situation comes to my mind.

There is a mother I have known for a while, who wanted to transfer her dreams, which were never fulfilled, to her young daughter. She was providing her daughter with the best education possible. After school activities, three kinds of sports, music, algebra, languages, and more, were a part of her daughter’s everyday life. 

In her mother’s opinion, this all was crucial for her to be successful and prosperous in the current world. The mom was so focused on her daughter to become a “wonderkid”, that through eleven years of her daughter’s life, she had not noticed one particularly important thing.

She did not know her daughter’s biggest dream. It turned out that the biggest desire this eleven-year-old girl had been simply a wish to have one day off. She was craving something that normally an old, tired, and hard-working person would dream about.

Parenting is a big experiment, and it is hard not to make any mistakes. However, our relationships and emotions are most important. As parents, it is important to be balanced and willing to grow along with our children and their dreams. This is what will ultimately lead to success for both ourselves and our children.

Inspirational Quotes

person holding a chalk in front of the chalk board

“Genius is born without limitations, even just to sit down and play something. One day he begins alone and ends beautifully.”

Kejt BzBz

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

Albert Einstein

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