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📕Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse #1 Kevin Henkes


Why this book?

It is a great story! Lilly’s little purple purse was published in 1996 by Green Willow Book, HarperCollins Publishers. It is a long but beautiful, sweet classic book, placed out well. Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse rings true to any child in school. The book provides an excellent opportunity for talking with your kids about self-control, the responsibility attached to expressing anger, and disappointment.

What is it about?

Lilly is adorable, adores her teacher until she misbehaves with her purse. The reader is truly drawn into Lilly’s world and her fascinating purple plastic purse! Lilly gets angry at her beloved teacher, Mr. Slinger after he takes away her little purple purse. Unfortunately, the teacher is forced to do this because she keeps interrupting class to show it off. Little mouse retaliates by producing a nasty drawing of “big, fat, mean Mr. Stealing teacher,” slipping it into Mr. Slinger’s book bag. When the teacher returns her purse, she finds snacks inside accompanied by a note “Today was a difficult day. Tomorrow will be better”. Lilly is horrified, stricken with remorse. How Lilly makes amends to the understanding Mr. Slinger is a good lesson for children on the importance of saying, “I’m sorry,” without ever being preachy or saccharine. Henkes is terrific because he doesn’t sugar-coat his characters. Part of what makes Lilly unique is that she maintains her strong personality throughout the highs and the lows. This book is a true classic!


I also love Lilly’s drawings. The illustrations are fantastic, sometimes framed, other times not. You can even notice, that once, Lilly jumps out of the frame! Read the book carefully – every little comment and drawing is clever and funny. The use of watercolor-and-ink illustrations brings brightness and sharpness to the story. You can also tell Lilly’s emotions through her eyes. Her eyebrows portray what she is feeling. Illustrator included even the smallest of details, such as Lilly’s smile. Most of the time, there is a happy, smiley shape when she is feeling happy and thicker curve when Lilly feels sad. In the book, we can also find Mr. Slinger’s copy of Stuart Little!


Overall, a fun, must-read book. It is a good story and a great lesson of forgiveness when we take responsibility to fix our mistakes. This book is never boring and perfect for K through 2rd grade.

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“Never carry a boring purse.”

Moms, don’t you think that this motto is super true? 👱🏼‍♀️


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