Magnetic building tiles

Magnetic building tiles – why should we buy them?

Magnetic building tiles belong to the popular group of toys for children. It’s the kind of toy that will please the child, and your kid will not get bored quickly. Be sure to choose them according to your child’s age. Magnetic tiles are also a great gift idea for a child because they provide fun, develop the ability to think logically, and teach patience, accuracy, and creativity.

Magnetic tiles – why your child will love them?

Magnetic tiles connect using magnetic attraction. Most often, sets consist of magnetic beads and sticks. Some sets also include moving elements. For the youngest children, you can find sets that have larger pieces to ensure safety. Your child can arrange different shapes, use imagination, and CREATE! The real difficulty is that elements with the same poles will push back.

120 Pieces – Cossy Tiles

The child can arrange:

  • Flat and three-dimensional geometric figures
  • Letters and numbers
  • Three-dimensional structures
  • Structures with moving parts
  • Original themes

Magnetic tiles- what to choose?

Magnetic tiles will surely please the child. With such a toy, you will be able to play together and spend time together. Blocks can be divided by the number of elements in the set:

  • 32 elements
  • 50 elements
  • 81 elements
  • 100 elements
  • 169 elements
  • 243 elements
  • 330 elements
  • 560 elements

The difficulty depends on the number of elements in the set. To get started, it’s a good idea to choose smaller sets. It’s also important to select blocks according to the age of the child.

Sweetie Fella Aleks has always enjoyed magnetic tiles. It was love at first contact! One of our favorite brands is Cossy. They are colorful and fun. They bring out the creativity and keep Sweetie Fella Aleks occupied. Trust me; the creative possibilities are endless!

Make sure to check out our latest set by Cossy (another amazing set to his HUGE Magnetic Tiles Collection)

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