Be infected with the spring energy!

If someone has not yet completely woken up from the winter sleep – now it’s necessary to do just that.

Spring in Georgia is probably my favorite time of the year. It’s simply warm (not hot) and NOT HUMID. It’s a time when from gray and wet days, days are getting colorful, warmer, and longer, illuminating our humor.

Something constantly comes to life around us. The plants start to bloom. First, crocuses shily tilt their heads, then tulips and daffodils. I always used to say that white magnolias begin the spring. Then pink magnolias are followed by camellias—next, beautiful violet rhododendrons and fiery red azaleas.

And how not to love spring?!

When the sun is shining, the world seems better and more beautiful. It feels like I could move the mountains. What I love the most is the warmth, bright light, and proximity to nature. It gives me moments of respite. On such days, with a cup of morning coffee, I think, plan and arrange (in my mind, of course) every nook of my garden. I can already see through the eyes of the imagination as I walk around the morning dew, looking at what another day brought me.

World Class Gibbs Gardens.

The awakening nature provides many topics for photography. Every photo enthusiast will find something for themselves at this time of year. Today I will show you my photos taken in one of the most beautiful gardens I have been to – Gibbs Gardens. Jim Gibbs traveled many years covering the nation and the world, viewing gardens of every style. He decided to design and build his world-class garden. This property is 292 acres, and the house and gardens include 220 acres. It’s one of the nation’s most extensive residential estate gardens! If you are ever in Northern Georgia, it’s a place you can’t miss.

Be infected with the spring energy.

No matter what I was shooting, I decided not to hide my photos on the disk. I want to share them with you and infect you with the spring energy. This place inspired me to change and work a little more in my garden 😊 I have to squeeze as much out of this period as possible!

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