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We love spending time with our son Aleks aka Sweetie Fella Aleks, reading books together, studying, traveling, and playing. Our home is filled with children’s and adult’s literature in every corner. Thanks to our love of reading and writing, an idea for THIS blog was born. On this blog, you will find wise, valuable, and interesting books for children of all ages. If you are curious and would like to get to know us better visit our YouTube channel (Kids Adventures with Sweetie Fella Aleks). We love sharing our crazy videos, stories about our travels across the country, reading sessions, parenting struggles & successes, toy reviews, helpful tips and more;) Feel free to poke around 😉

NOW, to keep it simple: There are 4 of US that will star in most videos and this blog:  I – mom, He #1 – dad, He #2 Jr. – son, He #3 furry animal – Cat. = HEHEHE 😉

Mom is sophisticated but at the same time your everyday type of person that finds something good in everything she needs to do as a mom.  She does not sit still well. She also has a lot to say and on her to-do list. She loves to smile and laugh, does not have time for being negative or have negativity around her. She loves animals, books & her new passion – being a mom blogger and YouTuber!

HE #1Dad loves spending time with his son (all his time outside of work he spends with family) as he realizes time goes by quickly. In a blink of an eye, our kids will be teenagers and later grownups. The purity of early childhood changes and some moments you can’t get back except document them on video, blogs, and reminisce later.  This is where my husband becomes a 100% supporter of what I do on this Blog and YouTube as it is a forever living proof of our great times we want to share with all of you.

HE #2 – Aleks is a happy fella that loves ADVENTURES, BOOKS, and like any kid – TOYS. The mixture of both makes a perfect combination. How better to learn about the world around them than by traveling, reading & playing. He loves any toys and on occasion, he will play with regular everyday household items. His imagination and curiosity make a perfect place for non-stop kid’s entertainment.

HE #3 Eddie – An adopted short hair Tabby. This is our second furry friend we adopted. The 1st “Jerico” died of cancer.  In memory of “Jerico” and on how great “Eddie” is for our family we ask all to consider adopting before buying a kitten.  You will not only find a friend for life but you will be proud you made a creature’s life better.

Thanks for stopping by and wanting to get to know US better! We like you already! 🙂

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